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Title Platform Completed Rating Vods Review
Persona 5 Strikers PC 2023-01-14 9 I love the Persona worlds so much. The stories are always so engaging and the characters so good. I just wanted to keep playing it.
Outer Wilds PC 2022-11-19 8 I went into this game knowing nothing about it -- only that it was well liked among those that gave it a try. I was so confused for the first hour or so, but then it all started clicking. Loved how the worlds transformed during cycles, loved flying the spacecraft, loved learning about the other civilization, loved making discoveries. Would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a calm, discovery-oriented game.
CrossCode PC 2022-09-06 3 I'm not quite sure what I was expecting with this game, but it was something more interesting than what I played. It felt like Secret of Mana style, but even less interesting. Fighting was repetitive and lacking, the story was uninteresting, and the characters even worse. Gave up 4 hours in.
Yakuza: Like a Dragon PC 2022-08-31 9 This was about as close to perfect as it could be. I knew nothing about the franchise coming into this game, but i will definitely be exploring the rest of it after this. Great voice acting, phenomenal story, and battle mechanics were interesting. I may have cried at the ending. 70 hours to complete. I'm ready for the sequel.
Paper Mario The Origami King Switch 2022-07-01 7 This was the first game I think I've ever really sat down to play with my 2 year old son, so it'll always be a little special to me. The combat felt a little repetitive after awhile, even with the boss gimicks, but it was unique enough to stay engaging. Love all the puns and witty lines from the toads.
Hades PC 2022-06-26 9 I've never been a big fan of rogue-likes, but something about Hades pulled me in. Progression across attempts made each run feel worthwhile. The story and atmosphere were excellent. The voice acting was phenomenal. 70 hours later, I won't be surprised if I return to this sometime to fully 100% it.
Persona 4: Golden PC 2022-04-10 8 Just a joy to play. Only complaint would be how every dungeon is essentially the same, just repainted.
DOOM Eternal PC 2021-12-20 7 Fun sequel to Doom 2016, but just a tad step down since it was, for the most part, just more of the same.
Septerra Core PC 2021-08-01 6 Solid game for the time, but gets excessively confusing around the midgame making a guide almost required. Slow battle speed, but QoL patches make the battles a bit more bearable.
Mass Effect PC 2021-06-26 7 Played on the Legacy Remaster. I played 1 back when it first came out, so I was roughly familiar with the plot, but wanted to refamiliarize myself with the series before I jumped into 2 and 3. Solid game for its time. One aspect that bugged me to no end is that there are essentially 3 "dungeon" layouts for side missions. One mine, and two bases. All side missions that involve any kind of indoors area always use the same layout. Why? ~25 hours to complete.
Final Fantasy XV PC 2021-06-01 5 I felt like I was getting into it at the beginning, but the side quests started feeling very repetitive and I found myself losing interest in the story about 15 hours in.
Dragon Quest VIII 3DS 2021-03-29 8 1 2 3 4 Streamed entirely on Twitch (let me know if anyone is interested in re-watching the vods and I'll get them uploaded them to YT). 77 hours later, post game completed, and pretty much everything done, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Highly recommended to anyone looking to explore the DQ series a bit more.
Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 2021-03-02 8 Completion time around 35 hours. Loved how they stayed faithful to the original while still adding additional content to further flesh out the story.
Red Dead Redemption 2 PC 2021-02-01 5 I'm slowly realizing that these GTA style games just don't appeal to me for whatever reason. I enjoy them for 10-15 hours, and then lose interest. Although it was enjoyable for the time that I played it.
Detroit: Become Human PS4 2020-11-28 8 Super intriguing story. Essentially an interactive movie with choices that genuinely have a strong impact on the story. The post chapter choice tree was an awesome way to show where your decisions took you. Highly recommended.
Bug Fables Switch 2020-11-25 6 A cute Paper Mario style game. It felt like an attempt at creating another game in the style, but failed to innovate too much. It was cute, but repetitive and didn't bring anything new that earlier Paper Mario's hadn't done, and usually better.
Far Cry 4 PS4 2020-11-13 5 Played it for 5-10 hours and found it devolving into a generic open world game with a fairly weak storyline. It was fun for a little bit, but once it opened up and I realized it was going to be more of the same, I just lost interest.
Nier: Automata PS4 2020-10-11 7 I knew virtually nothing about this game before jumping into it, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Dying in the prologue with no saves there is a bit of a bummer, but I got through it second try. Once I had combat mastered, everything kind of opened up and made much more sense. Great storyline, beautiful environment, definitely recommend it.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Switch 2020-08-28 8 Another visual novel game that I genuinely enjoyed. The final trial was fantastic. Some of the earlier ones had some stretches in what to present as contradictions, but I'm attributing that to the series finding its footing. Looking forward to playing the other games in the series.
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker WiiU 2020-08-26 6 Very cute little puzzle game. One of the few games where 100%'ing it felt very natural and something I felt obligated to do, and enjoyed doing.
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch 2020-07-14 8 Such a beautiful game. I really enjoyed the open world aspect to this one. But as with nearly all open world games, if I spend too much time exploring and not enough progressing the storyline, I find myself getting bored with it. This happened a couple times where I had put 30 hours into it, found myself getting bored, and had to force myself to get back to the story. This isn't a knock on this particular title, just how I enjoy games. Finding that perfect balance of exploration and story is tough when there's so much to do and see in the world. Did around 105 shrines, about 150 korok seeds, and plenty of armor upgrades and such. Didn't 100% the game, but I felt like I saw it all. Looking forward to the sequel.
Pokemon Sword Switch 2020-07-12 5 I hadn't played a Pokemon game since the original Red/Blue back when I was in elementary school. I've been on the Switch kick so I figured I'd jump back in to the series again after 20+ years. I was excited to see what advancements had been made to the series in that timeframe. To my surprise, there have been essentially zero. This is pretty much the exact same game as it was when I played it when I was a kid. Other than some fairly inconsequential changes -- berries and making pokemon large in a few fights -- it's just red/blue with some new graphics. Fun, but man, how have they not changed anything in this series. Maybe I'll check it out again in 20 years and find out that it's still the same game.
God of War (2018) PS4 2020-06-08 10 I feel like I'm handing out too many 10s to games but it feels wrong to give this game anything but a 10. The first hour of gameplay was perhaps the best experience I've ever had in a game. This game had me thinking and feeling things video games have never caused me to feel, BOY. The boss fights were epic. Head and the dwarves were perfect comedic relief. My goodness, this game was just perfect.
Animal Crossing Switch 2020-05-10 5 I'd never played an Animal Crossing game before picking this up, but I was sucked in to the excitement. It was entertaining for 10-15 hours, but I slowly lost interest. I guess I was hoping for it to be Stardew Valley +, but instead, it was just the parts of Stardew I didn't enjoy as much plus some designing your home/island, which has never been interesting to me.
Tales of Berseria PS4 2020-04-29 7 My first experience with any Tales game. At the beginning, I had some negative feelings because it felt so linear, but I came to enjoy the break from many of the open world games I've played recently. Fun combat (minus the sin of getting stun locked for long periods of time), entertaining story, and a solid length. Final completion time was just over 63 hours.
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch 2019-11-23 6 I played this game as a kid and loved it. I was super excited to dive back in as an adult and experience the game again. The seventh dungeon is still as difficult as I remember. I loved how well they stuck to the original while still enhancing the game in every way. The Windfish is literally the DQ11 whale.
Dragon Quest 1 iOS 2019-10-20 5 After playing DQ11 and speedrunning it, I've decided to come back and revisit the original games. I've played 1-3 before, but thinking of making it further in the series this time. The first title is endearing, and it's fun to see where, in a sense, JRPG's got their start. Super simple but still enjoyable.
Dragon Quest XI PC 2019-08-04 10 One of the best games I've ever played. Played with 4 of the 6 draconian options and loved the difficulity it gave. The absolute perfect amount of content. Great characters, great story, great battle system, I just loved this so much.
Octopath Traveler Switch 2019-08-01 5 I started this many many months ago but never finished. Every time I think about coming back to it, I just kind of dread it, so I'm calling this one done. I got about 40-50 hours in and just found the game extremely repetitive. No character interaction, stories not interconnected, town, problem, dungeon, boss over and over. It was alright, just not fun enough to keep going.
Phantasy Star IV PC 2019-05-03 5 Had some nice mechanics that I enjoyed which helped to differentiate it a bit from some of the other games from the same era. Dungeon crawling felt a bit repetitive over time.
Breath of Fire 2 SNES 2019-04-27 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 Played on the translation patch. Felt like a small upgrade to Breath of Fire 1 in all ways. Heavy feeling story, but it was a refreshing change from the general feel of SNES games.
Persona 5 PS4 2019-04-19 10 After getting a PS4 earlier this year, I knew this was going to be one of the first titles I picked up. I don't believe I've ever spent this much time on a single player title like this. 85 hours later, I wish it didn't have to end.
Diablo PC 2019-03-08 6 I played this game as a kid but didn't really remember much of it. When it released on GOG, I knew I had to try it again. It's a short title, but it was a blast to play it again.
Rocket League PC 2019-03-08 9 I never really finished this game. I have 500 hours in this game. I can't stop playing. Send help.
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair PC 2019-02-18 7 More of the same from the first game. And that's what I was looking for. Ending was a bit weak.
The Last of Us PS4 2019-01-13 8 I've always been a sucker for these style of games. The linear game with intense story and lore just sucks me in. I was captivated from start to finish.
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc PC 2018-12-01 7 First experience both with an anime style game and a whodunnit mystery style game. Definitely enjoyed it.
Grand Theft Auto V PC 2018-11-12 4 Had a hard time getting into this one. About 15 hours I just found myself getting bored with it.
Hollow Knight Switch 2018-09-01 6 I generally have a hard time getting into and enjoying rogue-likes. But something about this one felt different. Progression across attempts made each one feel worthwhile. The story and atmosphere was engaging. The voice acting was phenomenal. 70 hours later, I won't be surprised if I come back to this one to 100% it.
The Witcher 3 PC 2018-08-01 10
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch 2018-04-01 7
Stardew Valley Switch 2018-03-01 7
Celeste Switch 2018-02-01 6
DOOM (2016) PC 2017-05-11 8 Hadn't played a doom game since the original. Had the original feel but with the kind of updates you'd expect. Super fun the entire time.
Fallout 4 PC 2016-06-28 8 Went in expecting a mediocre game from all the disappointed reviews, but was pleasantly surprised.